Экзистенциальный практикум Энергия молчания скоро

отрыв от реальности энергия молчания

Hold your breath!
And read our invitation.
Not for everyone!
Only for those who want to Wake up from this enchanted things of the world!
Welcome to the existential workshop «Energy of silence».
Two days of continuous action! This has not happened in your life.
We guarantee unforgettable emotions, groundbreaking thoughts and fabulous experience.
The energy of silence… This workshop will allow you to become more confident, thoughtful-cheerful and sociable companion, you’ll get a surge of creative energy in the near future, as you can see.
You will see the world and yourself differently.
Our experience and expertise is poised to transform consciousness in the direction of happy creativity, your own creativity in building activities and life under its confident and considerate-fun controls.
Need detachment, detachment from the same someone invented reality. Need to get off that machine that pulls you like a cog and builds into its mechanism.
If you are ready then this is the workshop for you. Feel its force. Silent.
The energy of silence will signal your movement.
Before the meeting under the blue sky on the shores of the sacred waters.
What do you get? As I said, you’ll gain confidence and this confidence is in the fact that the quality of fullness of knowledge and experience you’ll get enough for these 2 days. You’ll get exactly what makes you to search among the huge billow of information, those words are looking for and you need.
You know the psychology from the inside literally and figuratively. In your inside and you, there’s only something only you and what’s easy for you to cope and get pleasure. You will understand psychology at all, as the main way of understanding the world.
And you will be around like-minded people and an environment that will help you to feel comfortable, easy and convenient to gain knowledge without effort, they will flow into you and fill you with sense of strength.And you want to learn more and to stop you can only the truth, your truth, the Other participants of the workshop will be happy to help you and to get pleasure from your assistance, and you’ll be happy to help them. And at the same time it will not be chaos next we will be leading that will guide all actions, emotions and thoughts vector of self, not introspection. We have long since also started his path to himself and we liked it that way. In this way a lot of mysteries and joy of meeting with himself. And most importantly you will be remembered for the result, but the most interesting that more of you will remember the process.
The energy of silence has been hovering in your head, and sends signals? Which will be slightly, subtly, and then more and more will beckon you to itself.

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